Unearthed is a range of furniture and garden objects that merge beautiful form with practical function.
Beautiful, simple garden inspired pieces that use a love of gardens as the driving design aesthetic.

Each piece is designed with simplicity in mind, and a love of getting your garden green on. Be it a simple, perfectly round Planter to cradle the tendrils of lush indoor plant, a Hose Pot to coil and tame the kinks of your grimy garden hose, or a very handsome heavy duty metal Wood Stacker to store your fire-burning lumber.

Each piece is designed and hand made lovingly in Australia by local merchants and trades people.

We earn our outdoor credentials from our parent company – Real Earth Developments, a landscape construction company. Real Earth Developments works with Australia’s most passionate Landscape Architects & Designers to construct beautiful, timeless gardens that are the extension of our client’s homes beyond the bricks and mortar. Gardens that are as inspired as the homes they compliment.

Unearthed was born of our love of gardens.  A love of being outside. A love of simple, functional, unpretentious design – inside and out!