How do we deliver our Wood Stackers?

We use a specialised service to deliver our Wood Stackers to you.

We strap them to a pallet, and load them onto a tail gate truck. Which means when they arrive at their new home, you need not wrestle them off the truck, your driver will unload them via a pallet trolley.

This specialised service means we custom price each delivery to suit each Wood Stacker to its new home.

So please click here and we will prepare a shipping price unique to your address within 2 business days.

If you would prefer to talk with us in person, that’s good too, just phone Bec; 0411 150 822.


How quickly can I have my Wood Stacker delivered?

It depends on where you are in Australia, but more often than not we can arrange it within 4-5 days. (Sometimes they even arrive within 2 days!!)


What is the lead time on a Wood Stacker?

No need to wait for a Wood Stacker. We keep 4 sizes of stock Wood Stackers and we can get one to you within a week, Australia wide.

Our stock sizes are as follows:

1800mm dia x 400mm w Wood Stacker

1500mm dia x 400mm w Wood Stacker

900mm dia x 400mm w Wood Stacker

1800mm h x 600mm w x 400mm d Square Stacker


Do we make custom size Wood Stackers?

Yes, we do loads of custom made Wood Stackers! So, if you have a certain space in mind and one of our stock sized Wood Stackers doesn’t fit, we will happily make a special one just for you! Lead time is 4- 6 weeks + delivery.


Do we have trade pricing?

Yes we do! 10% trade discount, click here to fill in the online form with all your business details.


Do we wholesale?

Sorry but at this stage we don’t wholesale.


How quickly can I get a Planter Dish or Wall Planter?

We keep most colours in stock, so in most instances we can get a planter to you Australia-wide within a week. Sometimes within 2-3 days! But if we don’t have stock of the colour you are after, we coat to order, and that takes no more than 2 weeks, including delivery, Australia wide!


Do the Planter Dishes have drainage holes?

Our Planter Dishes come sealed with a silicone plug at the base of each planter. This makes them easy, and neat to use indoors. But, if you would like to use them outdoors, just pull the silicone plug out. We do not advise leaving the silicone plug in place when using outdoors as your planter will fill with water and you will have a very unhappy plant.


Do the Wall Planters have drainage holes?

Our Wall Planters are sealed for indoor use, but if you would like to use them outdoors, just let us know and we can drill you a discreet hole at the base for the water to drain away. We do not advise leaving your Wall Planter without a drainage hole when using outdoors as your planter will fill with water.


How do we pack our planters?

Our planters are wrapped in a hand made white cotton bag and packed snuggly into a crisp white box. Each box includes a personal thank you note.

Should you be looking to give our planters as a gift, just let us know and we can tailor the card message to suit the lucky receiver!


What are the best plant sizes for our Wall Planters?

Plant pot sizes differ so much, but as a general guide, please see below for a list of easily found pot sizes (all in cm’s).

Please also take into account the height of your soon to be planter dish when choosing a plant, as you want the plant to have a happy and healthy life with you!

220mm SMALL Planter Dish

14cm/ 20cm pot

Height of dish: 110mm.


320mm MEDIUM Planter Dish

25cm/ 33cm pot.

Height of dish: 160mm.


420mm LARGE Planter Dish

40cm pot.

Height of dish: 210mm.


520mm EXTRA LARGE Planter Dish

50cm pot.

Height of dish: 260mm.


What are the best plant sizes for our Wall Planters?

When choosing a plant for our Wall Planters you need to consider the width/depth of the planter. You need to make sure there’s enough wriggle room to comfortably plant, but also allow enough room for them to grow!


330mm SMALL Wall Planter


Width/depth of Wall Planter: 165mm.


450mm MEDIUM Wall Planter


Width/depth of Wall Planter: 225mm.


600mm LARGE Wall Planter


Width/depth of Wall Planter: 300mm.


Do we offer Exchange/Returns of Custom made Items?

When we make an item just for you, we hope that you love it! However, in some instances we will offer an exchange/modification or return. The custom item is to be returned at the client’s expense within 14 days of purchase. For a product to be modified, the client will be charged an additional fee dependent on the modifications sought. Refunds will be provided less the cost of delivery fees and a restocking/processing fee of 20% of the RRP.