Not your every day planter box.


Modelled on the classic concrete farm feeder the Unearthed Garden Trough is a stunning planter. Nurture a small kitchen garden or use as a courtyard feature planter. Stacked along a garden edge, a bank of troughs is a handy way to define and shape a space. With drill holes to drain away water and moisture, and small feet to lift the trough off your paved or decked area to prevent rust spoils, it is a feature with true function.



550mm deep x 1200mm wide x 350mm high



  • Available in rusted mild steel or the unlimited powder coat colour palette.
  • Each Trough has 8 small holes (4 holes on each side) drilled in the base to drain away any excess water or moisture.
  • Comes with 4 feet to lift Trough off surface area to avoid rust spots.
  • Rusted Troughs are made of Corten Steel.
  • We stock only Rusted Troughs, custom colour Troughs can be made to order.



Rust Patina





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