Garden sculpture with a lightning twist.


Perfectly round in form, the Light Balls make for a stunning garden feature. Made of mild steel and spun into a perfectly round sphere the Light Balls are the perfect companion to a grassy mound, a pocket of planting, a curve of a path, or beneath the canopy of an established tree. Randomly pierced, a 5-watt LED light sheds a fine dappled light to play amongst garden foliage. From a big rusty ball a beautiful soft light is emitted, it’s ironically pretty. Available in two sizes; 450mm or 600mm in diameter, these garden lights are a handsome garden feature, with or without light. Thanks to a 5 watt LED the light balls are luminous enough to act as a guiding light for key areas such as entrance ways, driveways and walkways. Settled in a garden, defining a walkway or positioned as a stand-alone garden sculpture the Unearthed Garden Light Ball is stunning in every way. The Light Balls are fitted with a 5-watt LED light with a lifetime guarantee.



  • 450mm Diameter
  • 600mm Diameter


  • Rusted Mild Steel



  • Each Light Ball comes with up to 20m of cable.
  • For lengths over this allocation, we charge an additional $20 per 10m.
  • We cut the lighting cable to suit your favoured Light Ball position, so please advise the length that suits you and your garden best.


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