Born of a love for gardens, Unearthed Garden™ was originally the makings of a husband and wife team; a Designer and a Landscaper. Now in its 13th year, Unearthed Garden has grown into a 40+ product collection, invested in developing a range that is made by local hands and loved globally.


2009 saw us launch our first design; The Unearthed Garden™ Wood Stacker. Designed by us, and made in Melbourne, our first Wood Stacker, unbeknown to us at the time, became the launch of a globally loved, social media spruiked design. Our humble home-made Wood Stacker, photographed on the veranda of our rustic beach shack, became a Pinterest, and later an Instagram success.

This one image, tagged, retagged, reposted and pinned, propelled our design into the global landscape and launched the business that is now Unearthed Garden.


The global love-in of our Wood Stacker carved a design path for us; simple, beautiful objects with a driving design ethic of functionality.

Our Hose Pot followed swiftly behind the Wood Stacker. After years of constructing beautiful residential gardens, we found there was no way to hide the ugly garden hose, and better still keep it tidy. Now in its 10th year the Hose Pot is a firm favourite in gardens across Australia.


A succession of products followed; the Planter Trough, the Light Ball, the Internal Stacker, our Square Stacker, the stunning rounded edge Outdoor Table, and in 2014 the launch of our Planter Dish and Planter Stand range and our iconic Wall Planter. The Cylinder Planters followed in 2016, along with our range of Large Tree Cylinder Planters.


Product development, or ‘making things’, is such a big part of what we do. Truth be told, we are in a constant state of making new things.  The designs you see are years in the making, months of thinking, planning, refining and improving. This is why we go to so much trouble to defend our registered designs and trademarks. It reminds people of the deep and extended value of buying the original.


We love what we do, and we hope you do too. To be able to design objects that are loved by others is the driving highlight for us. But to see them made right here in Melbourne, by some of the best tradespeople in their craft, knowing that each piece made is contributing to the livelihood of hardworking Melbournians, is the better part of a wonderful business.