Our founding love is rust, in all it’s beautiful patina forms, but stacking need not always be rustic.

Make it modern with our iconic perfectly Round Wood Stacker, in four stock sizes, or our elegant Square Stacker Wood Stacker.

Beautiful in form our stackers are a stunning design piece, meticulously finished, with perfect curves and considered proportions, they lend themselves beautifully to modern architectural aesthetic.

High grade timber finishes couple effortlessly with both our trademark round and iconic square Stackers, our stocked Black Matte finish makes for a perfect pairing, cementing a slicker more modern take on wood stacking.

Modern Rust. Finished in a matt sealer, take the rust indoors without fear of rust spoils. An ideal piece for combined storage use, its slim lined profile and elegant subtle curves, make for stunning indoor storage.

Our Baby Stacker, the smallest of our tribe, now available in a slick and compact freestanding option.

At 900mm in diameter our Baby Stacker is a popular choice beside a modern fireplace. Available in both wall mounted or freestanding, it is as stunning as it is functional. A single spilt vertical shelf, slightly off-set, makes it a compact unit for storing mid to big sized logs on one side, and smaller kindling bundles on the other. Equally well suited for beside the back door, or tight spots, it is the choice of stacker for smaller homes, and smaller stacking needs. Stocked in both Black Matte and Rust Patina.

Stacking is not limited to wood, perfect for kids rooms, our Internal Stacker is the perfect modern shelving unit for books, toys, trinkets and special treasures.

If you harbour a love of a well stacked shelf, the Internal Stacker is the perfect shelving unit for the self obsessed stacker.  Designed by us to indulge our stacking tendencies beyond the wood pile, stack books, trinkets, treasures, toys, ceramics, glassware, pretty much your hoarding heart desires! Perfect for those of us who like to collect, display found items, antique finds or special treasures

For creative types, the Internal Stacker makes for perfect studio stacking.  Elevate your workspace.