Endless, black matte, stocked options.

Choose from the original Wood Stacker, our iconic Square Stacker, or the smallest of our tribe, the Baby Stacker.

You asked for it, and now we’ve got it, all your stacking needs perfectly coated in black matte. All shapes and sizes are now available as stock in the very sexy, utterly matte, not a hint of sheen, black matte. Take your pick, the iconic round Wood Stacker, the Square Stacker, or the Baby Stacker, available wall mounted or freestanding, in stock and ready to make their way into your home.


It’s a slicker twist on stacking, the black matte powder coated finish brings a sharper look, bringing a new level of sophistication to your stacking style.

For a crisper country look, Black Matte on weatherboard-white.

Black matte stacking is not just limited to the slicker stacking types.  Featured in the home of our dear mate, Marnie Hawson, our co-conspirator in matters of the stacking heart, the black matte finish secures a crisp country look.  Our 1800mm Black Matte Stacker seamlessly integrates into the white cottage finish of Marnie’s charming weather board country home. 


Marnie Hawson Photography   @marniehawson

Rustic hardwood sheds are equally welcoming to the companionship of black matte.

Our black matte finish transfers seamlessly indoors, stack wood, kindling or aperitifs!

The Square Stacker is unique in is rounded edge detail, and makes for a stunning piece inside and out, but has a special clout indoors.  It’s slender form resonates with lounge spaces and allows for shelving curation beyond wood.  The black matte finish is popular for indoor applications as the finish is clean and crisp and is super easy to clean.

Our black matte Baby Stacker perfect for fireside stacking!