The perfect country shoot location

It doesn’t get any better than Fox-Off. Nestled in Tuerong on the Mornington Peninsula, a landholding kept in the family for generations, it is one of the most pristine and untouched land parcels in the area. As soon as you hear the crunch of the dirt road and make your way through the front gate, bearing the sign ‘shut the gate mate’, you are well aware you have landed in heaven.


Vast paddocks of long grass, towering gums, upright and fallen, and the most imperfectly perfect relocated Queenslander you have ever seen. It’s a bucolic dream.

Everything is gently placed, as if it has always been that way. Which is the magic of Fox-Off, and the stealth hand of its very clever owner.

Fox-Off is the home of Daniella Farrell, a stylist, jeweller, textile designer, horticulturalist, interiors whiz, master renovator and pretty much super everything.

Daniella’s eye for detail is mesmerising.  Layers upon layers of surface detail, at every turn your eye is laden with beauty.  But it is what is not touched, and what has been lightly handled, that is most captivating.

The immense and saturating charm of the untouched landscape is not lost when you arrive at ‘Fox-Off’.  The beauty of long grass, grey gums laying on their sides, and the bordering bush with century old gums.  The grace and grit of ‘Clancy’ the old Queenslander, trucked down and seemingly plonked in the middle of a paddock.  The careful extension to ‘Clancy’ is as clever as it is simple.  Designed completely by Daniella.

Then you step inside, and words disappear.  It is a home I feel very welcome in, which is years of friendship long, but it’s not a feeling unique to me.  Nearly everyone who steps over the threshold feels this same collision of welcome and awe.

It really is a house like no other.  And a shoot location rarely found.


Photographed by the gorgeous Lean Timms over a 3-day shoot, our products effortlessly sat like old friends within this beautiful environment.  We loved and laughed through every moment of this once in a lifetime shoot.



Tuerong, on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia.

For shoots and styling;

Styling: Daniella Farrell

Photography: Lean Timms

It is, to my mind, the most perfect country shoot location, with the added benefit of a home styled in a manner that few can.

A whole room of the original Queenslander has been given over to the bathroom, which is literally a ‘bath room’.

Daniella’s eye for bathroom detail is disarmingly simple, seemingly effortless, which is of course the trick of of very adept design hand.

The ‘Shed, one half; guest house, the other half, machinery shed.

Daniella’s style straddles understated design with wow moments at every turn.