Say hello to our new Air Plant Stand.


One year in the making, our new Air Plant Stand is ready to make it into your hearts and homes. Designed by us to cradle the delicate fronds of an air plant, it is fine in form and simple in aesthetic.


Made of metal, the tripod like cluster of sticks, is our take on designing an elegant vessel to hold an air plant. Available in two sizes, and three colours, White, Black and Flesh, it makes for a perfect shelf companion to books, plants or ceramics, or as a singular tabletop piece.

And we’ve got you covered with a curated range of air plants that come with your Air Plant Stand!

If you’re new to the world of air plants we’ve got you covered as your Air Plant Stand purchase includes an air plant! We have curated a selection of air plants, perfectly matched to each stand. We lovingly wrap each stand and each plant in our custom designed air plant packaging, to make sure it gets to you safely and in especially good spirits.

Designed by us. Made in Melbourne.

The Wood Stacker, the registered design of Unearthed Garden.