Over ten years ago we designed the Wood Stacker. We designed it. We made it. We named it. We lovingly installed it on the wall of our beach shack. We filled it with all our favourite wood things. We took a photo of it.

And then we posted a picture of it.


This one image was tagged, retagged, posted and reposted, pinned and forwarded worldwide. Even the name the ‘Wood Stacker’ became a global success.


Our Unearthed Garden TM Wood Stacker made it into the hearts and minds of people world-wide. Our design became the desire of every wood loving individual and the solution to the untidy wood stack.

But what most didn’t know, is that it is designed on the Mornington Peninsula, and made in Melbourne. It isn’t made overseas.

It is 100% Australian. It is 100% us.

So, when you buy a Wood Stacker, you are buying our design. And you are buying a little bit of us.

Our time and energy, and our love of a tidy and aesthetically pleasing wood stack!

The original. The one and only Wood Stacker, by us, Unearthed Garden TM.


Happy stacking!


Bec & Marcus

Our very first hand-made Wood Stacker, photographed on the veranda of our rustic beach shack. Locally made, loved globally.

The Wood Stacker, the registered design of Unearthed Garden.